The New Legislation!

Cyprus is finally amending its archaic property laws and allowing for owners of properties to apply for their own Title Deeds. There are many thousands of Cyprus property owners without their Title Deeds and over 130,000 applications pending.

Are Title Deeds important?

Absolutely! Historically the bank who loaned the money for the land would have a lien over the land. Hence property that had been developed on this land was owned by the bank, unless the loan was fully paid!

Many issues arose from this and in particular Title Deed applications were fraught with a lack of clarity on ownership of land and propert. Especially if the developers loan or mortgage was not paid despite the "Owner" paying the property price in full to the developer!

Beaurocracy! Anybody who has bought in Cyprus will know the beaurocratic nightmares and stalling that can occur in the legal system. The new legislation clarifies the procedures, but it will still take an expert to unravel the paperwork!

If you research this subject, you will find it widely publicised, but very confusing. Our aim is to ensure owners understand the need for a professional approach to secure their Title Deeds.


What to do?

The only sensible course of action is to take reliable advice! Despite the new laws being pushed heavily by the European Parliament and UK MP's, the local authorities are not 100% in favour as can be seen by the recent voting in the EU Parliament. This almost guarantees some hurdles in the process!

There are many thousands of words written on this subject and all highlight that this is not a simple transition, but is very very important to owners. The need to get expert advice from a recognised award winning company is vital.

We are here to deliver information and point you in the direction of reliable, honest and communicative professionals.



How Will it Affect You?

Without your Title Deeds then you may have several problems!
As many people are aware selling property in Cyprus right now is very difficult due to oversupply, insolvent developers and the general state of the European economy.

Without the Title Deeds, this task becomes even harder as the Title Deeds are vital to proof of ownership without potential liablities. The term, "Buyer Beware" has never been so true in this case!

Owners and potential purchasers want to sleep easy in these times and knowledge of debt free or debt controlled ownership is essential.

There is no Substitute for Knowledge

We know from personal experience that several elements are key to success in this particular area of property law:

If this is of interest to you and you would like to know more, then please visit or FAQ pages or contact us for more details on the process.